About Teuta Avdyli 

Teuta Avdyli is an empowerment, spiritual and positive parenting coach. Teuta overcame difficult situations, such as coming to London as a refugee, fleeing difficult conditions, getting almost drowned in the sea on the way, struggling to conceive children, getting run over by a lorry in London.

She overcame all that against all odds through a positive consistent attitude, by becoming spiritually awakened and by looking after herself with the techniques she shares in this book. She is the mother of two children, and is on the way to becoming an international speaker, inspiring thousands of people with her stories of overcoming adversity.

In Orphan’s Promise Project, she has offered monthly financial help for the well-being of orphans and vulnerable children around the world by providing food, shelter, medical help, academic opportunity, and health programmes.

Teuta is a member of the Successful Mothers, a platform where successful mothers meet every month to share their vision, inspire and empower other mothers to overcome adversities and struggles.

Teuta has also contributed financially in the “Dig in Clean Water project” in Guinea, Koba to provide clean, running water to hundreds of people. Deaths has been reported due to contaminated water and Teuta has been working with nonprofit organizations to make clean water more available and more sustainable in every community.