Born To Stand Out, Not To Fit In

Empower Yourself To Achieve Your Goals
And Dreams By Becoming Spiritually Awakened And Balanced. Get Your Digital Copy Today of Her Interview With Lily Patrascu – Sales And Branding Coach Today

Born To Stand Out, Not To Fit In: Empower Yourself To Live An Extraordinary Life is the ultimate guide for you to empower yourself to achieve your goals and dreams by becoming spiritually awakened and balanced. It is based on the Empowerment Mastery System that Teuta created to inspire you become more productive, more driven, and more alive. It will help you find your purpose in life and activate your full potential.

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Viola Edward

Author, TransCultural Psychotherapist & Breathwork Lead Trainer

"I am a survivor myself and as a psychotherapist / mentor I have worked deeply in healing the losses and the grief of many people. I could see since I met Teuta how she has risen over her difficulties and challenges in life and is now at service to humanity with a smile in her face and a steady heartbeat which allows her to be fully present for her clients, friends & family. She is indeed an extraordinary woman and you can see it as you go through reading this wonderful book.”

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Samantha Dixon

UCKG Manager/Mentor and Friend. Universal Help Centre.

Thank you Teuta, for sharing your life changing experience with Us with this book. I know you 14yrs now, and l have witnessed you strength in the weakness, your growth your trust in God. The more you empty yourself and depend on God the greater your understanding for were you were guided by the Author Himself. God has transformed you Blessed you to overcome all the challenges you faced. So l Thank God for your life and Testimony, to continue to help and inspire others to never give up. But to be encouraged by this book and experience the transforming power that is within you to go straight to the Source where you can extract a priceless treasure, for your entire life. Congratulations Dear Friend. God bless you abundantly.

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Steve Frew

Scotland’s First Gymnastics Commonwealth Games Gold Medallist

“Teuta is one of the most inspirational people I know. She has travelled an incredible journey of hope, of courage and triumphed through a true testing of the strength of the human spirit. God has blessed Teuta and her amazing passion and her wisdom is collected within the pages of this book. It’s a must read for anyone who is searching for their soul purpose or a road map towards the life that you truly deserve. Teuta’s techniques take you to the core of your being, and through self-empowerment & life-skills towards the greatest potential within. “Born To Stand Out, Not To Fit in “ will inspire you to take your next level in life, and the results that you will achieve will be extraordinary!”

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Adaobi Onyekweli

Author of the book “Reinvent Yourself”

“Teuta's book is an embodiment of practical tools, strategies and prayers that break old patterns. It speaks life and truth to humanity and allow us to focus on what is important now.”

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Jaina Ford

CEO of X2Cme LLC, Public Speaker, Narrator and Producer,

“Teuta Avdyli's thoughtful, heartfelt and captivating story takes the reader on a journey of heroic proportions. She is an inspiration to be unshakable in the face of adversity and believe in miracles. As a motivational speaker, I was moved by her examples of mindfulness, forgiveness and empowering belief in positive prayers. This book is pleasing to read for anyone wanting to move beyond their current existence and find a meaningful purpose to their lives.”

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Aminu Ahmadu

Property Investor, Co - founder Niamassets

“This book is a source of inspiration to everyone that is going through adversity of any sort. It proves that, it doesn't matter whatever challenge you are experiencing, the power to overcome it lies within us. This is definitely an interesting read and I will encourage everyone to read this book for we all are bound to experience one form of challenge or the other at different stages of our life. Thanks Teuta for inspiring the world by sharing you own story so that we can all learn from it.”

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Nicky Oke

Property Investor, BA (hons) Economics, MBA, DBA Researcher

“Born To Stand Out, Not To Fit In, is a very captivating, empowering, emotional and easy to read book. This a true account of the ordeal the author encountered who I happen to be honoured to be close to. Teuta is a very powerful woman of God and a spiritual leader too. The book has clearly demonstrated this aspect of her including her strong faith and belief in God. All these helped her in her miraculous escape from unimaginable situations. This highly inspirational book is worth investing in.

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A true and inspirational story, where you feel part of the journey with the author. The book really get your involved emotionally and spiritually with real life scenarios and strong knowledge from the author. Recommended and a must read if you are feeling a little lost and need some motivation or/and positive thinking.

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Fabulous book, filled with heart and soul as the author's story unfolds. A true inspiration! This is a good read for ALL ages with timeless lessons that would apply to everyone's life.

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The book captivated me so much that I read it for two days . A must read book.

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Amazon Customer

This book is made so clearly and easy to understand. I was very pleasantly surprised with the level of details about her life transformation. The minute I started to reading it, I was completely drown to wonderful and empowering story. The author has a handful of excellent, well-thought-out tips and wealth of knowledge she shares that surly will help others who need a wake up call. I strongly recommend to get your hand of this book. She emphasised the importance and the benefit of how we should live our life to fullest. Its speaks directly and specifically to the audience's need hence I see the reason why she wrote this book. A very power full message.

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a motivating book that reveals the secret to empowering women. every woman should read and recognize the motivation and strength of her soul. this book is the ideal gift for every woman.