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There is only one kind of empowerment, and that is self-empowerment. Unlike granting authority, empowerment comes from within. By empowering yourself, you take the actions and the risks to achieve a result and get what you want.

Empowerment is not to be confused with superiority. They are two totally different things. To be empowered means to be strong, confident, making the most out of each situation, as a preparation to meet the opportunity, especially in controlling your life and claiming your rights. You don’t wait for someone to declare you empowered, rather you step outside your comfort zone, and make things happen. It takes a plan and a support system.

You become mature when you stop complaining, and start making changes, and when you are sufficiently informed and knowledgeable to make better decisions. I believe perspective is often the biggest difference between struggle and success. If we can change perspective, we can change the story and we can change the outcome.

Some Of Teuta’s Speaking Topics

  • Self-empowerment
  • How to Become Spiritually Awakened
  • Positive Parenting
  • Golden Rules To Breakthrough To Success
  • How To Overcome Difficult Situations
  • The Power Of Spirituality
  • How to Create A Healthy Body And Mind
  • The Power Of Forgiveness

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